Chapter 1-SBG

Anupam Agarwal

Chapter -1

Q1 .Sanjaya was bestowed with divine vision, wherein sitting at Hastinapur, he was able to see what was going in the war. He already knew that since Pandavas had Bhagawan Krishna on their side , they have already won the battle. Arjuna, being an ardent devotee of Bhagwan Krishna, how come he didn’t know this, where did his faith in Bhagwan Krishna go, which means , are we saying Arjuna didn’t know what ‘sharanagati’ is?

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    Arjun also knows that One who has krishna with him is going to win . This is reason he selected Krishna and not his Narayani sena . So not true that Arjuna does not knows . But while looking at battlefield he generates Moha ( affection ) with his relatives . Krishna teaches him in proxy so he also learns detachment and the message also goes to Mankind . Due to this Attachment he looses his common senses . which he regains only after teaching is over . " Nashta Moha smurti labha .. "This could be one interpretation . I will further think and post more views as I keep delving on this topic. About Sharngati : Arjuna is fully surrendered only after he is unable to find answers to his mind questions and Says " Karpanyadosha Prahurut swabhava .. "

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    Also one way for the time being Arjuna was kept in Illusion by Krishna . For our sake so the knowledge was made available to us.

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    Sundar S

    Jai Shri Krishna!

    I think Arjuna was in a state of delusion when he was conversing with Krishna! Also, his ego was driving the conversation although he appeared submissive to Krishna! This state was far from Sharanagati although he appeared pleading with Krishna. His ego and his wrong understanding that he was the doer, along with fear and anxiety gripped him and prevented him from approaching the Lord with total surrender!

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    JK Rao

    Jai Shree Krishna to all.

    I registered myself and feel great to be here to participate in such discussions on the Gita. Anyway, before starting I should admit that I don't think I have the knowledge to match with you all but I would like to share my humble thoughts. In fact the Gita happened to me only by chance when I contacted our dear Sir at the peak of some personal issues.

    I think the basic wisdom of Arjuna helped him to choose Lord Krishna instead of his huge army but still, perhaps he was not fully aware of Lord Krishna and he learns that later on chapters 9, 10 and 11 that he is only the supreme lord. As Mr. Sundar has said above perhaps Arjuna appeared to be submissive but deep inside him he was still having some ego for being a handsome, skilled and brave king.

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    I wanted to answer after being satisfied about my understanding. I have found myself in a situation that makes it imperative that I be mindful almost always, and by the grace of Bhagavan Krishna, I am sailing through.

    Arjuna already knew that victory was assured with just Krishna on his side as a charioteer even if he wouldn't fight. He chose an unarmed Krishna over his much feared Yadava army. While Duryodhana chose otherwise.

    Arjuna's despondency was directly pertaining to what was about to transpire on the battlefield over the next few days and the horrific cost of victory.

    Now Arjuna had already won the war on the kurukshetra by choosing Krishna to be on his side. He did that by surrendering to Bhagavan Krishna in Dwarka as he stood at his feet in devotion waiting for Krishna to wake up from his sleep.

    But he was yet to win the spiritual war of moral dilemma (Dharma sankata) raging in his head just before the beginning of the battle. And he knew that the only way to win this was to surrender to the divine being whom he had chosen to be his charioteer, and ask him to guide him.

    There is a song written by Purandhara dasa in Kannada that is in a metaphor.
    The song speaks of surrendering one's complete faith and trust in the boatman (Bhagavan Krishna) and asks him to sail the boat (body) through the treacherous waters of Samsara.

    Om Namo Bhagavathe Vaasudevaaya

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    Namaste. Here is just a small tip.

    Arjuna truly admired Krishna but at times he also thought that he was equal to Krishna in many things and also better than Him in certain things. Arjuna's surrender or Sharanagati happened in Shloka 2:07 when he requests Krishna to teach him the way to handle his predicament.

    I would like to you to analyse the different characters presented in this chapter. Start from Dhritarashtra right up to Satyaki, Drushtadhyumna and Shikhandi.

    @Kishor didn't you say you recently completed reading the Mahabharata? Or was it the Ramayana?

    You could take a look at my post "The Bhagavad Gita analogies" by clicking here

    Please note that I prefer to lay focus on the importance of learning the METAPHOR taught in the SBG because that is a great way to learn to apply the knowledge in our day to day lives and reach the level of a 'Stithapragnya'.

    Jai Shri Krishna

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    Kedar Lele

    Dear Sir...

    Sharnagati does not mean, surrender without logical understanding of the supremacy of Shri krishna.
    It's been our culture to question and question again until one is satisfied and has no doubt about acting or submitting to the idea of accepting what the true nature of one's being is.

    What exactly does the questioner expect here from Arjuna, to act as Krishna said without questioning ?
    Loving someone does not mean agreeing to whatever he or she thinks.

    Arjuna loved krishna before he could be understood as surrendered to krishna 🙂🙏🏼